ASIC Design couldn't be easier

STA provides the easiest path to creating an Analog ASIC or Mixed Signal ASIC from your schematic or block diagram. Using a unique technology, STA creates high performance Analog ASIC and Mixed Signal ASIC systems that meet your requirements. As an ASIC manufacturer STA specializes in Mixed Signal design and rapid ASIC prototyping.

  • Quick turn ASIC Design and Prototype

    Analog ASIC 8 to 18 weeks
    Mixed Signal ASIC 12 to 22 weeks
  • Dramatically reduce time to market

    With Quick Silicon Analog Prototyping (QSAP)
  • True low-cost ASIC technology

    Low NRE and low unit prices
  • Superior Customer Service

    Talk with our IC Application Engineers for quick answers to your ASIC questions
  • Innovative ASIC Design Team

    Creating Mixed Signal Solutions in Silicon
  • No ASIC experience necessary

    STA transforms your design into a high performance Mixed Signal ASIC


Mixed Signal ASIC

Mixed Signal ASIC Products
New Lower-Cost process

Using an innovative technology to create Custom Chips, STA develops high performance Analog ASIC and Mixed Signal ASIC devices for less than other CMOS technologies.

ASIC systems that suit your application, design times that meet your schedule and prices that are affordable. STA offers solutions for your ASIC needs.

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