Frequently Asked Questions


What is the development time from specification to ASIC prototypes?

ASIC design, including production silicon for cost reduction programs or miniaturization are available in 12-22 weeks. Analog ASIC prototypes can be completed in as little as 8 weeks depending on the chip design and complexity. ASICs for new product development, where the performance and specification of the ASIC is subject to modifications, takes between 18 and 28 weeks.

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Do we need to partition our system level schematics for ASIC integration before STA can provide us with a quote?

It can be helpful, but is not necessary. Our application engineers have extensive background in system design and are continuously maintaining familiarity with size/pricing issues of discrete components.

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What level of ASIC design expertise should we have to assure a successful project?

The Customer should have detailed familiarity with the system level objectives and the operating environment of the target product. No ASIC design expertise is required.

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What level of assistance is provided by STA during the prototype evaluation stage?

Typically, we will evaluate prototypes for specification conformance before they are sent to the customer. When timing of the evaluation is critical, a complete evaluation platform for the ASIC can be provided.

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Can the production schedule be expedited?

Yes, in some cases tested parts can be delivered in as little as two weeks. Expedited schedules are available on a limited basis.

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How can we be sure that all production parts meet specification?

Test flow and test limits must be approved by the customer before the start of production. Sample parts tested by the production test program are provided for certification. At production 100% of the wafers and 100% of packaged parts are tested for compliance.

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