ASIC Packaging & Popular Drawings

ASIC Packaging – Popular Drawings

Package Specifications

Below are links to our most popular packages:

3x3 10L ASIC Package

4x4 16L ASIC package

4x4 20L ASIC Package

4x4 24L ASIC Package

5x5 28L ASIC Package

5x5 32L ASIC Package

Expert Mixed Signal ASIC Solutions from System to ASIC, Inc.

Using an innovative technology and ASIC design expertise to deliver cost effective system level solution, STA develops high performance Analog and Mixed Signal ASIC devices in less time and at a much lower cost than alternative integration approaches.

  • ASIC systems that suit your application.
  • Design times that meet your schedule.
  • Prices that are affordable.

STA has solution for your ASIC needs.

STA has solution for your ASIC needs