ASIC Design Flow Process

Leveraging our silicon proven ASIC design methodology, expertise in multiple sensing technologies, and a flexible production model, STA proceeds efficiently from system level requirements through ASIC development and production. Our extensive experience with customers’ operational and regulatory environments, and their effect on analog and mixed signal ASIC based systems, enables a smooth transition of the final product from a controlled lab environment to its target market application.

ASIC Design Flow


  • Review of the system schematics, block diagrams and specifications.
  • Develop an understanding of the design challenges, operating environment, and regulatory requirements, such as conducted/radiated noise, RFI, lightning and environmental exposure.
  • Understand operational requirements of the final product, not just the ASIC design, including any certification requirements such as CE, UL compliance.
  • Produce an ASIC block diagram
  • Produce ASIC based pcb block diagram that identifies each pin and any required external components.
  • Identify board level architectural tradeoffs that lead to most cost effective silicon integration


Quote (STA TEAM)

  • NRE
  • Unit price
  • Schedule

Preliminary ASIC Design and detailed ASIC Specification (STA TEAM)

  • System level ASIC schematic capture
  • System level ASIC simulation
  • Detailed ASIC Specification

ASIC Design and integration (STA TEAM)

  • Detailed ASIC schematic capture – analog, mixed signal and small digital
  • HDL – large digital sections
  • ASIC test interface design
  • Detailed ASIC simulation
  • Silicon emulation of critical analog interfaces, if needed

Critical Design Review (CUSTOMER AND STA TEAM)

  • Review simulation results
  • Review compliance of ASIC design with ASIC specification
  • Customer sign-off


  • Physical ASIC layout – manual layout of analog and other performance sensitive sections.
  • Physical ASIC layout – place and route for large digital sections, µC cores, etc.
  • LVS – Layout Versus Schematic
  • DRC – Design Rule Check
  • Parasitic extraction
  • Back annotation
  • Re-simulation

ASIC Fabrication (STA TEAM)

  • Mask fabrication
  • Wafer fabrication
  • Prototype assembly

Prototype Evaluation STA (STA TEAM)

  • Top level ASIC Specification vs. ASIC performance analysis
  • Individual ASIC circuit performance vs. wafer PCM data analysis and simulation.

ESD and Latch-up tolerance evaluation (STA TEAM)

  • Human Body Model – JS-001-2017
  • Charge Device Model – JS-002-2014
  • Latch-up – JESD78

Prototype Evaluation (CUSTOMER AND STA TEAM)

  • Detailed ASIC performance verification
  • Detailed in product ASIC performance verification and validation
  • Prototype approval

Production Pilot Run (STA TEAM)

  • Complete production test program
  • Deliver tested pilot parts (production packaging)
  • Review and sign off test program
  • Release design to production pending customer approval

Reliability testing in production package (STA TEAM)

  • Pre stress,
  • Preconditioning JEDEC J-STD-020
  • Pre-stress Test, C-SAM and Thru Scan, Visual
  • Pre-stress Electric Final Test
  • Autoclave JEDEC – JESD22-A102
  • Temperature Cycling – JEDD22-A0104
  • High Temperature Storage Life – JESD22-A103
  • Post-stress Electrical Final Test
  • Wire Bond Pull
  • Die Shear – Mil spec 883

Pilot Run (STA TEAM)

  • Detailed product performance verification
  • Production ASIC approval

ASIC Production (STA TEAM)

  • Standard Lead time 16 to 20 weeks
  • Expedite Lead Time 8 to 15 weeks, when available.

AEC – 100 (STA TEAM)

  • AEC -100 automotive qualification flow, if required

Our Industries


  • Electronic White Board
  • Electronic Pen
  • Electronic Face brush
  • Electronic Tooth brush
  • Exercise Heart Rate Monitor
  • Exercise Oxygen Monitor
  • Electronic banking
  • Smartphone
  • Credit Card
  • LED lighting
  • Electronic handgun Security Lock
  • Energy harvesting
  • Battery Charger and Monitor
  • Remote control
  • Modem


  • GFI and AFCI breakers
  • Multimeters
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • PIR security sensors
  • Inductive sensors
  • Capacitive sensors
  • Strain Gauge sensors
  • Intrinsically safe sensors
  • Isolation Barrier
  • Magnetorestrictive sensors


  • Light therapy
  • Air flow Detector
  • Medicine Dispenser
  • Dose Monitor


  • Night Vision
  • Lighting Control
  • Display