ASIC Development Articles

Analog vs. Digital – What’s the Difference?

We live in an analog world, all that we see, all that we hear, all that we taste is analog. Digital is our best approximation of the analog world, one sample at a time. If our samples are close enough together, our approximation is almost perfect, if our samples are further apart we start missing […]

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ASIC vs. FPGA: Which To Choose & Why

ASIC and FPGA are both acronyms describing implementation of Integrated Circuit (IC) technology.  ASIC is a acronym for an Application Specific Integrated Circuit.  Application specific means that the Integrated Circuit is custom designed to exactly fit the needs of an application.  Silicon area use is a driving factor in production part cost.  Since an ASIC […]

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Credit Card Reader Application

STA’s Mixed Signal ASIC Technology Powers Wireless Credit Card Reader Handheld PCs, PDAs and smart cell phones are showing up in new applications every day. These new products are made possible by the adoption of wireless technology and the internet. Taxi and delivery services, vendors at fairs and swap meets and many other mobile merchants […]

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