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For over 20 years, System to ASIC has transformed discrete analog and mixed signal systems into Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) solutions for the world’s most innovative companies.

From healthcare to cosmetics, industrial sensors to flight control instrumentation, mobile devices to credit card scanners and more, our analog and mixed Signal ASICs drive products used by millions of consumers.

This unique experience allows our custom integrated circuit designs to address our customer’s objectives from start-ups to well-established companies. We invest the time needed to understand every aspect of the customer product’s, not just ASIC’s, operating environment.

Industries We Serve

Our Industrial ASIC Design

System to ASIC has extensive experience in design and manufacturing of ASICs for industrial applications.

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Our Consumer ASIC Design

From cosmetics to fitness, from mobile devices to secure banking, we take the time to understand the unique requirements of each customer.

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Our Medical ASIC Design

From Inhaler Delivery Monitors to Pulse Oximeters, we help our customers to translate their medical expertise into an integrated circuit solution.

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Our Aerospace ASIC Design

From Flight Controls Backlighting to Inertial Measurement Units, we have developed a broad profile of robust ASIC design solutions for reliable operation in the very harsh environment that is aerospace.

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ASIC Design Services

Our team of ASIC engineers appreciate both cost and performance challenges faced by product designers. This allows us to make informed architectural recommendations, resulting in system level architecture that yields not only the most cost effective analog or mixed signal ASIC, but more importantly, the most cost-effective product.

We take responsibility for ASIC specification alignment to customer’s overall product objectives. Our low-cost IC design business model demands it, because for us, an ASIC chip that meets specification, but does not fully enable customer’s product to meet its market objectives, is a failure – a delay in ASIC’s volume production.

We are inherently motivated to understand our customer’s product to its most minute details, so that our IC designs facilitate not only market success of the customer’s product lines, but also to maximize production volume opportunity for our analog and mixed signal ASICs. Contact us today for a quote or read our customer testimonials.

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Mass production at 1st silicon – 93%

Analog and Mixed Signal ASIC design expertise combined with detailed understanding of customer’s product requirements, enables over 93 percent of our customers to enter mass production on the very 1st revision of the ASIC. We have never failed to complete a project, and if ASIC revision is caused by our mistake – it’s free.


Innovative ASIC Design Team

Since 1995, numerous analog IC designs, patents, silicon proven mixed signal and analog IC design elements, unique cost saving intellectual property and millions of production units are a testimony to the continued innovation of our analog and mixed signal ASIC design engineers.


Experienced Application Engineers

Application Engineers with over 20 years of experience in ASIC and product level design, helping customers integrate their ideas, systems and devices into successful Analog and Mixed Signal ASICs.


Expert Mixed Signal ASIC Services

  • Using an innovative technology and ASIC design expertise to deliver cost effective system level solutions, STA develops high performance Analog and Mixed Signal ASIC devices in less time and at a much lower cost than alternative integration approaches.
  • ASIC designs that suit your application.
  • ASIC designs that meet your schedule.
  • ASIC prices that are affordable.
  • STA has a solution for your ASIC needs.


ASIC design services – start to production

  • Analog ASIC, 10 to 18 weeks
  • Mixed Signal ASIC, 12 to 22 weeks


ASIC risk management with QSAP

Quick Silicon Analog Prototyping (QSAP)

  • Analog ASIC Block, 6 Weeks
  • Mixed Signal ASIC Block, 8 Weeks
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“I would like to fully express my sincere appreciation to both management and engineering team at System to ASIC for the successful completion of our first foray into the unknown area of custom ASIC supply. It was so fortunate that we chose STA out of so many competitors because you were able to competently guide us with your professionalism and support through what could have been a minefield of complexity.”

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