ASIC Design Flow

Leveraging our silicon-proven ASIC design services, expertise in multiple sensing technologies, and a flexible production model, STA proceeds efficiently from system-level requirements through ASIC specification, simulation, layout and fabrication. Our extensive experience with customers’ operational and regulatory environments, and their effect on analog and mixed signal ASIC based systems, enables a smooth transition of the final product from a controlled lab environment to its target market application.

ASIC Design Flow


  • Review of the system schematics, block diagrams and specifications.
  • Develop an understanding of the design challenges, operating environment, and regulatory requirements, such as conducted/radiated noise, RFI, lightning and environmental exposure.
  • Understand operational requirements of the final product, not just the ASIC design, including any certification requirements such as CE, UL compliance.
  • Produce an ASIC block diagram
  • Produce ASIC based pcb block diagram that identifies each pin and any required external components.
  • Identify board level architectural tradeoffs that lead to most cost effective silicon integration


Quote (STA TEAM)

  • NRE
  • Unit price
  • Schedule

Preliminary ASIC Design and detailed ASIC Specification (STA TEAM)

  • System level ASIC schematic capture
  • System level ASIC simulation
  • Detailed ASIC Specification

ASIC Design and integration (STA TEAM)

  • Detailed ASIC schematic capture – analog, mixed signal and small digital
  • HDL – large digital sections
  • ASIC test interface design
  • Detailed ASIC simulation
  • Silicon emulation of critical analog interfaces, if needed

Critical Design Review (CUSTOMER AND STA TEAM)

  • Review simulation results
  • Review compliance of ASIC design with ASIC specification
  • Customer sign-off


  • Physical ASIC layout – manual layout of analog and other performance sensitive sections.
  • Physical ASIC layout – place and route for large digital sections, µC cores, etc.
  • LVS – Layout Versus Schematic
  • DRC – Design Rule Check
  • Parasitic extraction
  • Back annotation
  • Re-simulation

ASIC Fabrication (STA TEAM)

  • Mask fabrication
  • Wafer fabrication
  • Prototype assembly

Prototype Evaluation STA (STA TEAM)

  • Top level ASIC Specification vs. ASIC performance analysis
  • Individual ASIC circuit performance vs. wafer PCM data analysis and simulation.

ESD and Latch-up tolerance evaluation (STA TEAM)

  • Human Body Model – JS-001-2017
  • Charge Device Model – JS-002-2014
  • Latch-up – JESD78

Prototype Evaluation (CUSTOMER AND STA TEAM)

  • Detailed ASIC performance verification
  • Detailed in product ASIC performance verification and validation
  • Prototype approval

Production Pilot Run (STA TEAM)

  • Complete production test program
  • Deliver tested pilot parts (production packaging)
  • Review and sign off test program
  • Release design to production pending customer approval

Reliability testing in production package (STA TEAM)

  • Pre stress,
  • Preconditioning JEDEC J-STD-020
  • Pre-stress Test, C-SAM and Thru Scan, Visual
  • Pre-stress Electric Final Test
  • Autoclave JEDEC – JESD22-A102
  • Temperature Cycling – JEDD22-A0104
  • High Temperature Storage Life – JESD22-A103
  • Post-stress Electrical Final Test
  • Wire Bond Pull
  • Die Shear – Mil spec 883

Pilot Run (STA TEAM)

  • Detailed product performance verification
  • Production ASIC approval

ASIC Production (STA TEAM)

  • Standard Lead time 16 to 20 weeks
  • Expedite Lead Time 8 to 15 weeks, when available.

AEC – 100 (STA TEAM)

  • AEC -100 automotive qualification flow, if required

Our Industries


  • Electronic White Board
  • Electronic Pen
  • Electronic Face brush
  • Electronic Tooth brush
  • Exercise Heart Rate Monitor
  • Exercise Oxygen Monitor
  • Electronic banking
  • Smartphone
  • Credit Card
  • LED lighting
  • Electronic handgun Security Lock
  • Energy harvesting
  • Battery Charger and Monitor
  • Remote control
  • Modem


  • GFI and AFCI breakers
  • Multimeters
  • Photoelectric sensors
  • PIR security sensors
  • Inductive sensors
  • Capacitive sensors
  • Strain Gauge sensors
  • Intrinsically safe sensors
  • Isolation Barrier
  • Magnetorestrictive sensors


  • Light therapy
  • Air flow Detector
  • Medicine Dispenser
  • Dose Monitor


  • Night Vision
  • Lighting Control
  • Display