ASIC Design Projects

For over 25 years, System to ASIC has been transforming discrete analog and mixed signal systems into Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) solutions for some of the world’s most innovative companies.

System To ASIC delivers Analog and Mixed Signal ASIC semiconductor solutions that drive products used by millions of consumers. ASIC solutions that address markets ranging from healthcare to cosmetics, industrial sensors to flight control instrumentation, mobile devices to credit card scanners, biometrics, RFID, and many more.

System To ASIC applies 25+ years of extensive design experience to deliver custom integrated circuit solutions that solve problems and add value. Our ASIC design services leverage years of experience across the entire process, from specification development through production management, making full turn-key ASIC solutions more tangible than ever. Whether you are a start-up or a well-established company, STA invests the time required to understand every aspect of your application and deliver an ASIC solution that meets your needs.



System to ASIC has extensive experience in design and manufacturing of ASICs for industrial applications.

Industrial ASIC Design


From cosmetics to fitness, from mobile devices to secure banking, we take the time to understand the unique requirements of each customer.

Consumer ASIC Design


From Inhaler Delivery Monitors to Pulse Oximeters, we help our customers to translate their medical expertise into an integrated circuit solution.

Medical ASIC Design


We have developed a broad profile of robust ASIC design solutions for reliable operation in the very harsh environment that is aerospace.

Aerospace ASIC Design